Archangel Quantum Energy Healing Level 1 Class w/ Macaya

Archangel Quantum Energy Healing Level 1 Class w/ Macaya
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Would you like to be able to put people in to a healing trance instantaneously?  Would you like to be able to heal pain and disease in an instant?  Would you like feel deeply connected with the Archangels?  Would you like to feel a deeper connection with the Quantum?  If so, this class is for you!!!

The quantum field exists outside of space and time, so healing can take place instantly here!!!

Have you ever seen a movie with a faith healer that puts his hand on somebody's forehead and they fall over?  This is similar to that except it works!!!  You will learn how to put people in to a trance state where they fall over and you catch them and watch the healing begin!!! 

In this Archangel Quantum Energy Healing Certification Class You Will:

• Learn how to Bring People in to the Quantum Field

• Learn how to Create Sacred Space

• Learn how to Put People into Trance Instantly

• Learn how to heal people on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels

• Activate your 3rd, 4th and 5th Eyes and your Angel Chakra so you have greater access to your Guides, Angels and Archangels

• And so much more...

You will receive an attunement to the Archangel Quantum Energy Healing Energies which all allow you to create great healing in people and yourself!!!

After the attunement you will have an opportunity to practice this amazing healing technique with other people in the class!!!

No experience necessary.  This is an advanced healing class for beginning and advances healers a like!!!

After this class you are a certified Archangel Quantum Energy Healer and you can start practicing on others and professionally if you would like!

Does this sound exciting to you?  If so, Come Play!!!

Learn Archangel Quantum Energy Healing!!! Click Add to Cart above and Checkout at the top of the page!!!

This 4 Hour Class is facilitated by Macaya Miracle, the Creator of Archangel Quantum Energy Healing.

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