Embodying Your True Masculine / Feminine Essence MP3

Embodying Your True Masculine / Feminine Essence MP3
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Would you like to be more in touch with your True Essence?  Everybody on this planet has a choice to embody primarily Masculine Energy or embody primarily Feminine Energy.  When we don't make that conscious choice, the energy of sexual dynamics can get confused and you don't attract everything that you would want in relationships.  Would you like to step in to either your Masculine or Feminine Essence and create more joy in your life than you ever imagined possible?  Would this enhance your life dramatically?  If so, this class is for you?

In this Accelerated Light Healing Experience you will:

  • Learn About Sexual Energy Dynamics
  • Clear Out Your Judgments Around the Masculine and the Feminine
  • Clear Out Your Resistance to Embodying Masculine or Feminine Energy
  • Learn How to Combine Masculine / Feminine Energy and Your Body to Attract The Types of Lovers/Relationships You Would Like to Have
  • Experience the Essence of Masculine / Feminine Energy
  • And so much more...

During the second part of the class you will receive an Accelerated Light Healing Activation which will Activate and Balance Your Masculine and Feminine energies in the way that would create the most expansion in your life, clear out your the beliefs and judgments passed down to you in your DNA around Masculinity, Femininity, Homosexuality, Heterosexuality, Bi-sexuality and Tri-sexuality, Enhance Your Masculine/Feminine Embodiment, Experience the Essence of Masculine / Feminine Energy and so much more!!!

Does this sound exciting to you?  If so, Get This MP3!!!

Activate Your Masculine / Feminine Essence!!!  Click Add to Cart Above and Checkout at the top of the page!!!

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