Christ Energies Activation and Attunement Video Class

Christ Energies Activation and Attunement Video Class
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Would you like to be one with and have access to the power of all of Infinite Consciousness? Would you like to see life the way Infinite Consciousness sees it? Would you like to see Oneness in everyone you meet? Would you like to feel One with everything? If so, this class is for you!!!

In this Accelerated Light Healing Experience you will:

  • Become Attuned to the Christ Energies to Heal Yourself, Others and Raise Your Consciousness
  • Learn About the Chakras Above Your Head
  • Activate Your Christ Consciousness
  • Activate Your Higher Chakras
  • Experience Being Infinite
  • Learn About and Activate Your Sun Chakra
  • Learn to Receive Infinite Energy in Your Body
  • And so much more...

During this class you will receive an attunement to the Christ Energies, which allows you to have the healing gifts that Christ had!!!  You will learn how to create and energetic sacred healing space and so much more!!!

Does this sound exciting to you? If so...

Activate Your Christ Energies!!!  Click Add to Cart above and Checkout at the top of the page!!!

This 2 Hour Energy Healing Class and Activation is facilitated by Macaya, the Creator of the Christ Energies.

If you can watch Youtube Videos on your computer or smartphone, you will be able to view this class!!!

Experience This Amazing Class!!!  Click Add to Cart Above and Checkout at the top of the page!!!

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