Creating Phenomenal Relationships 4 MP3s

Creating Phenomenal Relationships 4 MP3s
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Do you have a phenomenal relationship? One that is filled with joy, wonder and ecstasy at least 95% of the time? Are you looking to create a new relationship that is more amazing than you ever imagined possible? I believe that if your relationship is not joyful 95%+ of the time, its not worth being in.

In this you will be receive tools to get out and stay out of judgment of your partner, ways to keep the joy and bliss alive and ever-expanding in your relationship and ways to tell if a partner (or potential partner) is or will be a contribution to the expansion of your life. You'll also learn ways to attract a new lover, strengthen the attraction with your current lover(s) and you will learn the 3 Keys to a Phenomenal Relationship which if you both have these for each other, your relationship will grow in to something way beyond anything you ever imagined possible!

You will go on guided journeys through consciousness that will clear out all the stress, trauma and drama you've experienced from relationships, control patterns, fights and heartbreak not only from you, but also from your ancestral lineage and past lives so you can be free of the pain and judgments that happened a long time ago and is still holding you back from creating an amazing joy-filled blissful life!

Is now the time to Create a Relationship that is more blissful and more ecstatic than you ever imagined possible? If so, receive these mp3s and expand in to creating bliss with other people beyond anything you ever imagined possible =)

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These four 90 minute healing experiences are facilitated by Macaya

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