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145th Dimensional Activation MP3
Somewhere do you know that there are many more realms in this Universe than we could ever possibly i..
Activate Your Synthesetic Senses MP3
Have you heard of people hearing colors and seeing sounds?  How about where shapes have a cer..
Activating Your Inner Light MP3
Would you like to shine bright in every moment?  Never using any energy to hide yourself or b..
Axiatonal Body Activation MP3
Axiatonal energy is high vibrational energy that flows through a grid called the Axiatonal Grid, w..
Becoming Infinitely Connected MP3
What would it be like to be completely infinitely connected with every one and everything on the E..
Being in the Fun and Excitement of Sex and Playfulness 7 MP3s
Do you remember when Sex and Flirting was fun? Are you having as much sex and fun playing with ..
Being Infinite Love MP3
Love is amazing!!! It's everything we are!  It's all around us!  It's everybody!  A..
Being Yourself in this Reality MP3
What would it be like if you could BE YOU IN EVERY MOMENT?  Never worrying abo..
Connecting with the Divine Within You MP3
Have you heard the word? The Divine is within you!!! What if you are everything that is? What if you..
Connecting With Your Master Guide MP3
Would you like to have a source of guidance you can go to when ever you desire answers to your que..
Creating Phenomenal Relationships 4 MP3s
Do you have a phenomenal relationship? One that is filled with joy, wonder and ecstasy at least 95..
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Embodying Your True Masculine / Feminine Essence MP3
Would you like to be more in touch with your True Essence?  Everybody on this planet has a choi..
Ending Competition and Jealousy
Would you like to stop feeling the stress of competition with the people of your same gender?  ..
Ending Social Anxiety MP3
Do you feel alone, scared or isolated in a group of people or thinking about being in a group of peo..
Experiencing and Expressing Your Fantasies MP3
Would you like to feel safe expressing your sexual fantasies to other people?  Would you like t..
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